USC Supplemental Application

Total students: 41000
Average GPA: 3.73
National Merit scholars: 230
SAT writing: 640 - 750

USC Supplemental Application Requirements

Many of the programs at USC have additional supplemental application requirements aside from the standard requirements that all students must complete. Supplemental requirements vary from program to program. For many programs the supplemental application requirements may be satisfied by completing some portion of the USC writing supplement. Other programs require the USC writing supplement and some program-specific requirements that may include further essay writing, portfolios or resumes amongst others. The USC School of Pharmacy requires a USC pharmacy supplemental application but all application materials for the pharmacy program are submitted through PharmCAS (Pharmacy College Application Service) which allows applicants to complete one application that may be submitted to multiple schools. USC supplemental requirement is provided to USC only. Although many of the supplemental requirements vary from program to program, virtually all include some sort of essay or another supplemental writing requirement.

USC Supplemental Application Writing Requirements

Specifics on different USC programs particular supplemental application writing requirements can’t be addressed without knowing the topic. However, there are some basic guidelines and tips that you can apply to about any of the writing requirements that may help, in case you don’t have usc writing supplement examples. Keeping the following basics in mind may prove helpful:

  • When supplied with a topic or question to respond to, look for keywords and determine exactly what is being asked of you. A common mistake many applicants make is not addressing the topic they were meant to.
  • Take your time and revise as often as necessary. Concise sentences that get directly to the point and that are clearly understood are best.
  • Make sure every sentence serves a purpose. If a sentence is there only to add to a word count it should be removed.
  • Avoid the use of clich├ęs and quotes.
  • Proofread for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Those are the basic mistakes that often trip applicants up, but that are easy to avoid.
usc supplemental application

There are many criteria that admissions are based on, but write with the idea that each written requirement may be the deciding factor that tips things in your favor, sure if it’s possible, use USC supplement essay example to ease your writing. For more great examples and ideas on your supplemental application, look up our article on Duke supplement essay.

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