UCI Supplemental Application

Acceptance Rate: 42%
Average GPA: 3.92
22,216 Enrolled students
SAT Reading score: 510-650

Who Needs to Complete the UCI Supplemental Application?

At times an application to UCI must also be accompanied by a UCI supplemental admission form. The need for a supplemental admission form or specific requirements is determined by the individual program. Programs may request requirements in a program that is extremely competitive to get into, as a way to aid admissions selection. A particular program may also feel that the addition of certain criteria may help students prepare for the program. Currently, the only program UCI lists as requiring a supplemental admission form are the Nursing science program. In addition to completing the standard UC admission form and requirements that are part of the regular UC Irvine application process, applicants must submit application requirements.

Admission documents required:

  • Supplemental admission application
  • Academic subject requirements
  • 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Personal essay
  • SAT or the ACT with writing
  • Fees or waiver
  • Official transcripts

The documents and the deadlines may be different from year to year so it’s good to check them on the official site beforehand.

UCI Supplemental Application Personal Statement

The personal statement is the one element of the admission requirements to be submitted that you have direct control of. All other requirements such as test scores or school records are already out of your hands. The personal statement should be from 200 to 225 words and you are asked to provide information regarding goals and future plans as they relate to the program in Nursing Science and the Nursing profession. The personal statement provides personal information about you to admissions officials that can aid in the selection process. Your aim should be to provide a logical and clearly stated answer to the question, while at the same time presenting yourself in a manner that demonstrates you will be an asset to the program if accepted. All of which need to be accomplished within 225 words, which is no easy task. Take your time and give it your best effort in order to use the personal statement to best advantage.
uci supplemental essay

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