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UBC Supplemental Application Requirements

UBC altered their procedure for supplemental admission applications somewhat several years ago. Information formerly submitted on a supplemental admission application is now included in the regular application process under a personal profile. Everybody who completes a regular UBC application answers several essay questions that were formerly only required on supplemental applications. All applicants in addition to submitting a completed application form must supply documentation of the following:

Admission documents required:

  • English language admission standard. Proof that your English language competency is at a sufficient level. There are numerous options for how this may be documented including proof of graduation from a school where English is the primary language or test scores from 1 of many different English competency exams.
  • Competitive academic requirements. These basically grade point averages and test scores. Every UBC program establishes its own minimum requirements, so applicants must check with the specific program. UBC also has 12 different classifications for enrolling students which in some cases may affect academic requirements.
  • Broad-based admissions criteria. Some UBC programs require supplemental information to be submitted. Requirements vary from program to program. Supplemental information requested may be in the form of portfolios, manuscripts, auditions, essays, interviews or some other type of information.

From year to year the admission requirements may change so it is important to check the official site listing all deadlines and documents and featuring the latest updates and changes.

Complying with UBC Supplemental Application Requirements

The numerous classifications that students may fall under and the fact that each UBC program establishes its own admissions criteria, makes it difficult to prepare. In some cases, applicants are informed of specific supplemental information needed only after beginning the admissions process. It is best to be prepared for any eventuality by keeping any documentation or records that may be considered relevant close at hand. The essay questions in the personal profile portion of the standard application serve the same purpose as they did when they were the UBC supplemental admission application. They can establish your suitability for a program that may not be reflected in academic records, and be the deciding factor in admissions, especially in those programs where admissions is competitive. Approach them with that thought in mind. Any supplemental written requirement should be considered as an additional means to support your case for admission rather than just another document requirement. If you lack inspiration on your supplemental admission application, be sure to check our other articles, like Princeton supplement essay for a new angle n your work.
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Help with the UCB Supplemental Application and Written Requirements

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