Supporting Statement for Job Application

Your Job Application Supporting Statement

supporting statement for job application

Competition for jobs is continually becoming stronger and many applicants for a particular post will be suitably qualified and fairly equally matched. You will need a personal statement which grabs the attention of the reader and really makes you stand out in the right way. In addition, your statement will need to be error-free, original and applicable to the position being sought. It is not easy to write such a support statement which is why many will turn to a professional service. Do not risk losing your chance by submitting a poor job application supporting statement.

Tell the panel that you’re the right person for the job. But how? Use the supporting statement. This piece of writing is your chance to tell them that you are the person that they’re looking for, as highlighted by your skills and experience that is able to meet their requirements and needs.

how to write supporting statement

These assets can illustrate that you’re the right candidate. Before you’re going to convince the panel, you should write your supporting statement in the best manner as possible by highlighting some evidence and showing how you have affected your previous organizations. In short, this statement must make the panel excited to meet and learn more about you as well as the ways on how you can be a great addition to the school or institution.

Parts of a Supporting Statement

  • Opening or introduction
  • Evidence
  • Conclusion

General Advice

  1. Carry out the instructions to the details.
  2. Write in no more than two to three pages only.
  3. Check your grammar and spelling.
  4. Do not reduce the font size below 10.

Break up with lots of paragraphs to make it easier to read.

Some Useful Phrases

Here are phrases you can use for supporting statement writing.

  • I set up
  • I devised
  • I collaborated with
  • I delivered
  • I adapted
  • I monitored
  • I evaluated

Writing Advice

  1. Determine what to include in the supporting statement. While there can be much information you think would be needed in the piece, you do not need all of them. Learn how to sort information and use only the most relevant of them to avoid consuming much space.
  2. Specify additional things to add in the statement. After reading, do you feel that there is something missing? Do you think that you need to add relevant information to support what you have written further?
  3. Structure the statement. Have an opening, body and conclusion. Write the evidence in the body of your paper. See to it that every paragraph supports each other.

Follow the technical details.

The Writing Process

  1. Brainstorm
  2. Organize
  3. Write a draft
  4. Polish
  5. Review with an outside reader.
  6. Proofread and revise when needed.

How We Will Write Your Supporting Statement for Job Application?

Once you have contracted our services and given us a deadline you will be contacted by an assigned writer. They will require you to supply information relevant to yourself and the job and can supply you with a sample supporting statement for job application. This is tailored to your specific application and is designed to get you thinking about other information which can help your chances rather than just your education and work history. They will also agree on a work schedule with you which meets your required delivery date. This liaison will give our staff all they need to compose your initial draft.

  • Why do you want this job? This needs to be a convincing and relevant reason such as the job represents a promotion or represents a challenge which you are seeking.
  • Your future plans? Indicate a clear career path which includes and starts with this job.
  • Why are you a good candidate? Expand on aspects of your education and employment history to show clearly you have the skills required.
  • Why you would like to join their team? Give a reason why you want to be part of their group because it indicates you have done background checks and your interest in them is genuine.

For a full job application supporting statement writing check out all the tips we shared with you!