SDSU Supplemental Application

More than 35,000 students
Average SAT score: 1159
Undergraduate majors: 91
Average GPA: 3.82

Who Is Required to Submit SDSU Supplemental Application?

SDSU is one of twenty three campuses that make up the California State University system and SDSU application is done through CSUMentor which enables applicants to apply to any school in the CSU system with common applications. Currently every program at SDSU is “impacted” meaning that there are many more applicants than there are available openings. When a CSU program is impacted it is up to the individual campus to determine requirements for the application. SDSU currently uses an eligibility index based on your grade point average combined with ACT/SAT test scores as a way to rank incoming freshmen and determine who will be admitted. Every enrollment period it is possible that a program makes a part of the screening process and many CSU impacted programs from other campuses currently do so. At this time only applicants who are transferring from other schools are required to submit a SDSU  application. SDSU application requirements consist of completion of the form providing information.

Admission documents required:

  • Electronic application
  • Common test scores
  • High School GPA
  • Completion of the college-preparatory program
  • Essay or personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Application fee or waiver

Additional documents may be required by the specific course within the university, in order to stay updated on all the details and deadlines, it is good to visit the official site as well.

Completing the SDSU Supplemental Application Form

Although the only requirement to be submitted in the application process is the completed application form, it’s not as simple as it appears. The form contains a section for each of the information sources listed above. There is also a general education section used to determine if any courses completed in the above list meet SDSU requirements for the following courses referred to as “the golden four”

  • Oral communication (A1)
  • Written communication
  • Critical thinking/Advanced composition
  • Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning

Another section deals with determining which of the prerequisite courses in the major applied for have already been completed in an equivalent course at another school. This is followed by a section dealing with completion of approved AA and AS degrees and transfer of credit. Completion of the form will require a lot of research to determine courses completed that fulfill requirements and count towards admission. If you are unable to be admitted in your major, you may be referred to another CSU campus for a similar program or enrolled at SDSU without a major specified. To make your dreams come true in the University of your choice, be sure to check our other articles, like tips on Brown supplement essay.
sdsu supplemental essay

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