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15,467 enrolled students
Acceptance rate: 11%
SAT scores: above 2000
ACT composite: above 29

Duke Supplement Essay

When you’re working on an academic project there’s an extraordinary amount of planning and consideration that needs to be undertaken if you want to be successful, and there’s little more important to your planning than the determination of necessary funds. However, as important as this is it’s still a very challenging thing to do accurately, and it’s very common for people to shoot a little short with the expected necessary funds, but that’s what the Duke supplement essay is for. You can complete a Duke supplemental essay to request more funds, but it’s crucial that you put in the time and effort to make sure that it’s as good as possible because the quality of your essay will likely determine the success of your request for additional funds.

Admission documents required:

  • Financial aid forms
  • Standardized test scores
  • Secondary School Report with Counselor Recommendation
  • High School Transcript
  • Two Teacher Recommendations
  • First Quarter Grades
  • Midyear Grade Report
  • Final Transcript
  • College Transcript
  • College Official’s Report

Some document may be additionally required or not required by your course. It is recommended to check the information on the Duke official site that updates regularly.

Professional Help with Duke Supplement Essay

The thing is that is can be very tough to accomplish a high-quality supplement essay for Duke regardless of how much time you put in, it’s all about the skill and expertise that you have, your ability to craft something that’s as convincing and effective as possible, but the good news is that’s what our professional Duke essay supplement is here for! No matter what part of the Duke supplemental application you’re struggling with or could need help on our service is the way to go, our team of professionals have extensive and diverse experience in completing all different kinds of Duke supplement essays, so you can trust that you’re getting personalized and specialized expertise and assistance every time when you go with our service!

duke university supplemental essay

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