CSULB Supplemental Application

30,480 enrolled students
Class size: 30 (approximate)
Bachelor degrees: 85
Average GPA: 3.5

Who Needs to Submit a CSULB Supplemental Application?

All students who are transferring to CSULB from another school are required to submit a supplemental admission application form. All programs at CSULB are considered “impacted”, meaning that they have many more applicants than available openings. Some of the programs are highly impacted which means they are the most competitive programs to get into. For some impacted programs, and all highly impacted programs, application requirements must be submitted. The requirements vary from program to program with each individual program setting its own guidelines. Supplemental requirements may include essays, personal statements or other documents as determined by the specific program. Admission to programs requiring supplemental application materials will be based on the following:

Admission documents required:

  • Completion of college preparatory courses
  • Eligibility index derived from a combination of your GPA and SAT or ACT test scores
  • STEM eligibility index(if applicable) Also a combination of GPA and test scores with more weight being given to quantitative skills used in science, technology, engineering and math courses.
  • Supplemental requirements specified by the particular program

The greatest weight is given to the eligibility index, with the supplemental requirements being used as a final means for making admission selections when other criteria is essentially identical, visit the official site to find out more information.

Information Included on the CSULB Supplemental Application Form for Transfer Students

The CSULB supplemental admission application form will contain a transfer students academic information gathered from the following sources:

A portion of the application form involves determining which CSULB requirements may be fulfilled by a course completed previously. Admission will be based on the information contained in the supplemental document for application. If accepted official documentation of the information must be provided. The application form is the only supplemental requirement to be submitted unless applying for an impacted program that has additional requirements. For more inspiration on your supplemental admission application, be sure to check our other articles, like. For some great advice on perfect application supplement, be sure to check our other articles, like tips on Stanford supplement essay.
csulb supplemental essay

With the impacted and highly impacted programs at CSULB calling for a number of supplemental requirements that vary from program to program, and the confusion that may arise in determining which CSULB requirements may have been fulfilled in previous studies, the entire process can become quite confusing.

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