Boston University Supplement Essay

30,009 enrolled students
Acceptance rate: 37%
SAT Composite average: 2025
Average GPA: 3.59

Boston University Supplement Essay

Academic projects are notoriously expansive and challenging, with many different factors and elements that need to be kept track of, and among all this, it can be easy to get overwhelmed or to lose track of certain aspects. All of this becomes even more challenging when our have to deal with a shortage of funding, and it often necessitates the writing of a supplement essay. The Boston University supplement essay can be hugely useful and effective in getting you the funds that you need, but that’s only if you do the thorough and high-quality job required to impress the reader. It’s important to remember that you’ll likely be competing with our people to get the funds, so you need to convince them of the value and viability of your project!

Admission documents required:

  • The common application
  • High school transcript
  • Senior year grades
  • Guidance counselor recommendation and school report form
  • Teacher evaluation
  • Standardized tests
  • Portfolios, auditions, and interviews
  • English proficiency tests

More detailed information about the tests and the requirements you may also read on the official site of Boston University.

Professional Help with Boston University Supplemental Essay

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boston university supplemental essay

It’s not just how challenging the supplement essay, it’s that it takes up a lot of time and effort, two things that BU students rarely have to spare with all the other responsibilities and work that has to be done. It’s common for people simply to not put in the necessary work and to come up short in getting the funds they need.

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