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Boston College Supplement Essay

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Boston College Supplement Essay Prompt

What contemporary issue or trend relating to politics, culture and society, or foreign policy particularly concerns you and why?

Ingrained into the nature of many animals is the need to amass and protect territory. Humans are no different, and debates over land and resource ownership have been the cause of numerous wars throughout history. In addition to natural urges, humans also have developed societal and religious systems that fuel more heated disputes over territorial rights. Even in this day, the right to “enter” into another land has been hotly debated. The controversial issue of illegal immigration has always been very fascinating to me because of its innumerable societal, economic, and moral complications. I have read extensively about both sides of the issue, and am greatly interested in the progression of social, political, and economic change that comes as a result of policy regarding this issue.
As the child of immigrants, I have always been accustomed to being regarded as different. My parents always used the analogy of territory to explain why I was sometimes treated differently. However, throughout my education and the classmates I interacted with at school, I have come to learn about another group of immigrants – those that are undocumented, who fled their home countries for a myriad of reasons not too different from the reason why my parents left theirs.
I am an aspiring political science major, who hopes to one day enter into the field of international relations as a policy analyst. The issue of illegal immigration is paramount to my understanding of the world and the reasoning behind the policies currently in place. The United States is known as a nation built by immigrants, so any legislation pertaining to the retention or deportation of individuals will have to strike a delicate balance between protecting national welfare and encouraging national growth. The immigration issue is an excellent case study for me to observe how popular opinion, political polarization, and economic circumstances all play a part in forming legislation.

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boston college supplemental essay

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