University of Michigan Supplement Essay

43,625 enrolled students
Acceptance rate: 33%
SAT average: 2030-2250
Average GPA: 3.82

University of Michigan Supplement Essay

The funding of a project is often one of the most tenuous and challenging parts to stay on top of, partly because of all the different factors and aspects that come into play, and partly because it’s often the funding that determines the success and viability of a project. Even institutions like the University of Michigan have strict limits on how much they can give out and to whom they give it out to, and that means if you need additional funding you’re likely going to be competing against a few other seekers. All this means is that you need to craft your University of Michigan supplement essay in a way that’s informative enough to persuade the reader of the efficacy and necessity of the project as well as why the additional funds are necessary for its success.

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