Tips on How to Write Supporting Statement

Why Look for Help with How to Write Supporting Statement Letters

how to write supporting statementThe college application process will require you to write a supporting statement along with your resume and other documents like. A CV statement in support of your application is an opportunity for the admissions committee to get an idea of what to expect from applicants apart from their scores, GPA or reference letters. Undergraduate or research places are highly prized and places at good schools heavily over-subscribed so to stand out you must be able to write an excellent statement of purpose for university. Failure to do so will probably see you getting rejected. Many people look for online help for such an important piece and come to us because we offer the most affordable and expert assistance available.

Tips for Writing a Supporting Document

Our professional staff prepare a CV statement of support letter following various guidelines, these are some useful ones that you can use for your own writing:

  1. Give yourself time. A good statement of purpose evolves rather than being finalized in one sitting. Allocate at least week to research, write, revisit and revise.
  2. Research. Learn what you can about the department you are applying to. Check their application regulations and make sure you comply.
  3. Never copy. You should always start with a blank page and tailor your piece to the specific college and position. Do not copy and paste the same piece for every university you apply to, be original each time.
  4. Plan the content and format. We understand that each piece will be different depending on your data. The reader will want to know certain things so always consider the following:
    • Who you are, what you want? For example, it is a statement of purpose for MS in Economics
    • Why you want the position? How you became interested in your chosen subject and are motivated to learn more after graduating.
    • Your future? How you expect to progress in your career or plan to use your research knowledge.
    • Why you? Try to include work experience, research or publications. Be positive and stress your team skills. Briefly describe your school or under graduate work.
    • Why here? Why you want to join the team, you should mention particular departments or faculty

Many statements are too long and the essential detail is lost so be concise.

  1. No mistakes. You must be exact with your language as any spelling mistakes, poor wording, or bad grammar will look bad. You might be seen as sloppy or not serious.
  2. Easily read. Your supporting document should flow well and be engaging. Be personal but avoid using slang, abbreviation or text type wording. Be careful of getting too specific or using too much specific detail. Not all the readers may be familiar and you will lose their attention.
  3. Get a second opinion from colleagues. Proof reading and peer review always brings up things you have missed. For such an important letter you should engage some professional help if still not sure.

Our Staff Know How to Write a Supporting Statement for University

The main principle of how we work is to combine each client with a writing expert who is qualified to help them. Our writing team is comprised of 200+ fluent English speakers who all have more than 20 years of writing and work experience. In addition, they all attended a well-known university and have a Master’s or PhD. Their experience means they know how to write a supporting statement that meets all requirements and portrays you as a serious and well qualified candidate. Our value for money service and customer oriented staff guarantee your satisfaction plus the quality of our products. The full list of subjects we can cover is given on our website. Order our help and in minutes you will be in communication with someone who talks your language and really understands your subject area. Just as importantly they know how to write a supporting statement for university that fulfills all content and format requirements but is also unique and engaging.

Contact us online and work directly with professional writers who understand the college application process and your chosen specialty!

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