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Why Get Help with a Supporting Statement for School Application

supporting statement for school applicationThe simple answer is that with a mediocre application form supporting statement you will probably get rejected by the school you want. All places at good schools, colleges and universities are over-subscribed with applicants and most of those have very similar academic records. The CV supporting statement is used as the primary tool for sorting out the most promising candidates, so to get invited for interview you must send a good one. You have to tailor it to the school, the course you want and write an engaging piece which has no mistakes. You need to leave the selectors with no doubts about you as a strong candidate. Not everyone knows how to write a supporting letter of this standard and look to the internet for assistance or supporting statement template. We have been operating online for over 5 years and have staff who are qualified to help with your application form supporting statement.

Useful Advice from Our Writers to Improve Your Application Form Supporting Statement

Each of our 200+ team of English writers has a Master’s degree or PhD from a good university. We match them with customers who want to study a similar subject so immediately they have something in common. Our staff all speak English fluently and have been writing for over 20 years. They understand the college application process and can write in the perfect style and format for a CV supporting statement. For example statements, proofreading and editing, or our full writing service, our people use the same rigorous procedures along with many guidelines and tips. Here are some useful ones:

  1. Give yourself plenty of time. Allow a week for preparation, writing and revisions.
  2. Research the school. Make sure you understand the format requirements, closing date for submission and any questions they specifically want to be answered. Note any keywords or phrases that appear in the department website. Try to use the same phrases and writing style in your own supporting document.
  3. Never plagiarize. It is possible to get good example supporting statement online which help you learn how to write a statement of support. School selectors have all seen these before and copying just a section will probably get you rejected. Be original and start with a blank page.
  4. Restrict the content. All your examination scores are recorded on your resume or on the school application form; you do not really need to discuss them again. Keep the length of your letter to one page only and follow the classic format of introduction, 2 or 3 paragraphs about your strengths, experiences, and ambitions, finishing with a positive conclusion.
  5. Any work experience. Part time jobs, student placements or voluntary work all show you are a serious and reliable person. If you have taken time out to earn money to finance your studies then let them know.
  6. Study interests. Let the school know if you have specific specialty interests especially if they are similar to the research interests of the faculty.
  7. Future career. The selectors will want to know your future plans whether they involve research, teaching, or private sector work.
  8. No errors. The easiest way to get rejected is by submitting a supporting statement for school application that is strewn with grammar, spelling or punctuation errors. They really stand out and make it appear you are not serious about the application and sloppy in your work. Get your peers to review and critique your work. Or come to us for professional editing which ensures concise, accurate and easy to read letters.
  9. Easy to read. We advised above to leave sufficient time because you have to get your application support CV letter right. It should flow and read easily.

The advice we can give you regarding your supporting statement for school application can help you get accepted to the place you want so contact us now for reliable and affordable support!

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