Top Universities Supplemental Application Requirements

There are some schools that request their applicants to send them a secondary or supplemental application, which is used when the institutions need additional information that is essential to the particular school.

supplemental application

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General Supplemental Application Requirements


University of Minnesota (March 1, deadline)


  • A list of volunteer, leadership and extra-curricular experiences, with a max of 1000 characters with spaces.
  • Write about your career goals on where you will or want to be in 10 years (Max 1700 characters with spaces)
  • How you are going to contribute to the program’s diversity and to the profession (1700 char. with spaces)
  • How have you changed and strengthened your application to this program (Max 1700 char. with spaces).

University of Michigan (October 1, deadline)


  • University of Michigan supplement essay #1 (Required, approximately 250 words)
  • Select one of the communities to which you belong. Describe that community and your place on it.
  • Essay #2 (Required, 500 words max)
  • Describe unique qualities attracting you to the specific undergraduate college to which you’re applying in this school. How would its curriculum support your interests?

Stanford University (October 30, deadline)


  1. Share your story.
  2. Minimum 250 words; maximum 650 words
  3. Recount a time or incident of failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from it?
  4. Reflect a time when you challenged an idea or belief. What prompted you to act? Would you make that decision once more?
  5. Describe a problem you have solved or one that you’d like to solve.
  6. Discuss an event, formal or informal, or an accomplishment that marked transition from childhood to adulthood within your family, culture or community.

University of Chicago (July 1, deadline)


  • Question #1: How does the university satisfy your desire for a specific kind of learning, future or community? Please address with some specificity your wishes and how they relate to the school.
  • Question #2 (Optional): Share a few favorite authors, poems, books, plays, films… Feel free touching on one, some or all of the categories listed, or you can add your own category.

Yale University (November 1, deadline)


  1. Reflect on something you would like to tell about you that commission might not learn from the rest of your application (Max, 500 words).
  2. You also need five short answers or responses, which range from 40 to 100 words.
  3. What excites you intellectually, really?
  4. Think about a disappointment you have experienced. What was your response?
  5. Suite-style living- four to six students sharing a set of rooms—it may be an integral part of your college experience in the university. What would you contribute to the dynamic of your suite?
  6. What do you wish you were better at being or doing?

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