How To Write A Common Application Supplement

What Is a Common Application Supplement?

The Common Application is an organization that allows applicants to complete one application, and that application can be used when applying for admission to any of the 500 plus schools that currently accept the Common Application. Many of the schools that make use of the Common Application have supplemental requirements. These are requirements that are to be submitted in addition to the Common Application requirements but that are only intended for the requesting institution. The submission of these supplemental application requirements is still handled by the Common Application. In most cases the Common Application supplements consist of a simple supplemental form/questionnaire and some type of essay requirement. Supplemental application requirements will vary from school to school, and some institutions have no supplemental requirements.

How to Write a Common Application Supplement

The first step in writing the supplement is to examine the question and determine exactly what is being asked. Supplement questions requiring essay type responses are not requested on a whim. The requesting school is trying to gather additional information about you to assist them in making admissions selections. Until you have determined exactly what is being asked it is impossible to determine a specific approach but there are some general guidelines that always apply. The following basic guidelines should always be kept in mind:

  • Examine key words to ensure you are answering the right question.
  • Be yourself. Writing what you think admissions wants to see instead of what you really think is usually quickly spotted.
  • Don’t try and impress with flowery sentences and big words. You won’t. Making your point in a clear, concise manner is more impressive
  • Avoid clichés and quotes
  • Proofread. This cannot be repeated too often. Spelling and grammatical errors distract readers from the point you are making.

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