Harvard Supplemental Application Materials

27,594 enrolled students
Acceptance rate: 6%
Average GPA: 4.04
SAT Math range: 710-800

What Are the Harvard Supplemental Application Requirements?

The Harvard supplemental application is a way for Harvard to get a better idea of who the applicants are as individuals aside from grade point averages and test scores.
Submission of selected samples of creative or academic work is optional if an applicant has an exceptional talent. A supplemental essay is also optional if an applicant feels it conveys important information that wasn’t covered in the standard requirements. Harvard feels that their standard application requirements tell them all they need to know without additional requirements. The only requirement listed above that is not part of standard admissions requirements is the Harvard Supplemental Application form. To get more inspiration, on how to write compelling supplemental application, be sure to read our other articles, like tips onĀ Boston university supplement essay.

Harvard Supplemental Application Essay

An essay is an optional part of the Harvard application supplement, and not necessary. However, Harvard accepts less than 10 percent of all applicants, most who have superior academic records. The optional supplemental essay is the best means you have to stand out from all the other applicants. It may well be the only opportunity you have to present a personal case for yourself and shouldn’t be wasted. Use the essay to present yourself in a way that shows your uniqueness, and displays personal qualities that make you a desirable prospect. Considering the amount of high quality competition you have for entrance, your supplemental application essay needs to be great. As the essay is optional it is tempting to not bother with it, or to submit an essay previously written but this would be a mistake. Take the time and effort needed to write a compellingĀ Harvard supplemental essay, as it could well make the difference in whether or not you are accepted.

harvard university supplemental materials

Harvard Supplemental Application Help

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