Dos and Don’ts of Supporting Statement for College

Why You Might Seek Assistance with Your Supporting Statement for College?

supporting statement for collegeThe college application process will require that you submit a statement of purpose along with other documents and the school admission form. All of this needs completing fully but for most places it is your statement which will help make you stand out. Particularly important is how you match your skills and specialty interests to the school and position. The selection board will be looking for a qualified applicant who is genuinely motivated to study with them. For any school and subject the quality of your writing must be very high and many people choose a writing service such as ours for help. Find out about our expert writers and how to write supporting statement.

How to Write a Supporting Letter

Most of the applicants for the course will have very good and similar academic qualifications as you. An informative and perfectly written statement is required if you are to grab attention. Try to keep to the following guidelines:

  • Set aside adequate time to prepare, write and revise your piece
  • Use your own words, it should read like a story about you
  • Open with a line to get the reader’s attention
  • Never copy a sample or piece you find on the internet, be original
  • Be concise, relevant and factual where necessary
  • Your English must be excellent
  • Do not use slang, clichés or humor
  • Be positive always. Any negative aspects to your application should be explained.
  • Be personal and reference the school, faculty or individual staff members if appropriate.

What to Include in Your Statement?

The readers of your supporting document will be interested mostly in your potential to do complete the course. Your education mostly speaks for itself, you should try to answer other question such as:

  • How you started in your chosen subject
  • Why you want this particular position
  • Why you satisfy all the requirements
  • What are your own career plans
  • What are your research ideas
  • Why you would fit into the school and faculty

About Our English Language Writers

We can show you online what is a supporting statement and how to write a statement in support of application. We do it with a team of 200+ writers and editors who use appropriate procedures. When you order one of our services you will work directly with someone who is:

  • Familiar with all types of documents connected with academic applications
  • A fluent English speaker
  • Highly educated with a Master’s degree or a PhD in a subject close to your own
  • An expert writer and editor
  • Is friendly and dedicated to your successful application

You are contacted by your writer immediately after ordering and they will agree the work and schedule with you. You will supply them the school details, the course of study and the information you want in your CV supporting statement. Our writer then prepares your piece and sends you the first draft. Together you go through the revision period and make changes until the essay is optimized. Your writer then passes your statement to a second expert for proofreading, error checks and a test for copying. Universities use anti-plagiarism software these days, you do not want to be rejected by software. The final draft is passed to you on time.

Our cost effective service involves one on one contact and great customer service with proof reading, plagiarism checks and unlimited revisions being part of our package.

We want your application to be successful so contact our online service anytime for the very best supporting statement for college!

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