Challenges of Supporting Statement for University Application

Why You Need an Engaging Supporting Statement for University Application

supporting statement for university applicationWhatever the subject and wherever the college or graduate school, your supporting statement for university application must be good so you stand out as a strong candidate. For all places you will face a lot of competition and during the selection phase the only real opportunity you have to make an impression is with a strong statement in support of your application. A unique and interesting to read university supporting statement will show you are an educated and highly motivated individual. Writing a good piece is not easy for some people and they look for help with an online service such as ours. Our staff use general tips and guidelines to maintain the consistent quality of our work. The following are suggestions to help with writing your support of application statement:

Tips for Writing Your Statement

  1. Preparation and home work: Give yourself plenty of time for some background research, writing, revision and submittal. Make sure you meet all application requirements to show you are familiar with the school. Research the institution and faculty to find some specific details for your document.
  2. Never copy: We often supply an example supporting document to a client but never encourage them to copy it. By all means look for examples to get ideas of style and format, but be original with your own piece.
  3. Avoid errors: Your grammar, punctuation and spelling will be critically judged. University selectors tend to be precise and thorough people, a poorly written CV supporting statement will give them the wrong impression and you could get rejected because of it. Get friends and colleagues to proof read and critique your writing.
  4. Content for your support of application statement: address the following issues as appropriate and anything else the post my call for:
    • Why this course of study or research post?
    • Why this particular college?
    • Why are you suitable?
    • What extra experience or research have you done?
    • What are your short to medium term career plans?
  1. Style of a supporting document
    • Make your piece easy to read, tell a story about yourself
    • Be concise, stick to the facts
    • Let your grades and test scores speak for themselves, you do not have to discuss your resume
    • Be personal but do not try to be funny and never exaggerate
    • Do not use slang, abbreviations or text language
  1. Use key words: Read through the university and specific department websites. Also take a quick look at some journals relevant to your area of study. You will probably notice words or phrases which are commonly used. Try to use some of the same keywords in your own writing. At worst the word choices and style may attract your chosen school. At best they will be picked up by the recognition software used by many institutions.

Who Would Write a Statement in Support of Your Application

For a very important supporting statement for school application like this our clients from all over the world know we have people who know how to write a supporting letter. At present we have over 200 editing and writing staff ready to work with you and all have the same credentials as below:

  • Completely familiar with the college application process and how to write a statement of support
  • Fluent in spoken English
  • Expert in English grammar and punctuation with 20 years of writing experience
  • Hold a PhD or Master’s degree in a subject which will be matched to you. We link you with someone who really understands your subject to expert level

To help you submit an excellent statement in support of your application we can send you reference examples or edit your own letter. Alternatively our full writing service includes proofreading and plagiarism checks as standard and will provide you an original and engaging application support CV document.

Do not take a risk with your supporting statement for university application, contact us today to guarantee you submit a letter of outstanding style and content!

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